Thalassery Campus

The Thalassery Campus located at Palayad in Thalassery, is the largest campus in terms of teaching departments. Schools/Departments of English, Anthropology, Biotechnology & Microbiology, Management Studies, Health Science, Applied Economics, and Law function here. 
The Inter University Centre for Biosciences (IUCB), and Translational Research Centre in Biotechnology(TRCB) established here, provide cutting edge infrastructure for developing centres of excellence in research, in areas of specific relevance to the state. 
Department of Library and Information Science also functions here.  
School of English and Foreign Languages
Department of Studies in English

MA English (Four Semesters, 35 Seats)
M Phil (Two Semesters, 10 Seats)
Basic Course in German/French (Certificate Course, 20 Seats)
Research Areas:
English Language, Literature, Culture and Media Studies. 

School of Social Sciences
Department of Anthropology
M. A. Anthropology (Four Semesters, 20 Seats)
M Phil Anthropology(Two Semesters, 5 seats)
Research Areas:
Socio Cultural Anthropological Studies & Ethnographical Studies(Community/Caste/Tribal),Village Studies.
School of Life Sciences
Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology

Courses :
M Sc Biotechnology (Four Semesters, 15 Seats)
M Sc Microbiology (Four Semesters, 15 Seats)
Research Areas:
Biotechnology and Microbiology & allied areas. 

School of Commerce and Management Studies
Department of Management Studies

Courses :
MBA (Four Semesters, 55 Seats)
Marketing/ Finance/H R M/ Information Technology and Systems/International Business Management
Research Areas:
General Management, Organisational Behaviour, HRM, Finance,Marketing & Operations Management. 

School of Development Studies
Department of Applied Economics

M.A Applied Economics (Four Semesters, 25 seats)
Research Areas:
Health Economics, Financial Economics, Public Policy & Decentralisation. 

School of Legal Studies
Department of Law
B.A; LLB (Hon.) 50 Seats
LL.M (Constitution and Administrative Law)(Four Semesters, 17 Seats
PGDHRL (One year Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights Law)
School of Health Sciences
Department of Medical Microbiology
M Sc Medical Microbiology (Six Semesters, 15 Seats)
M Sc Medical Microbiology (Four Semesters, 5 Seats)
Department of Medical Biochemistry
M Sc Medical Biochemistry (Six Semesters, 15 seats)
M Sc Medical Biochemistry (Four Semesters, 5 seats)
Department of Medical Laboratory Technology
M Sc Medical Laboratory Technology (Four Semesters, 15 Seats) 
Department of Library and Information Science
M LI Sc (Two Years and 25 Seats)
Information Technology Education Centre
MCA (Master of Computer Applications) (Six Semesters, 35 seats)

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