Payyannur Campus

The Swami Anandatheertha Campus at Payyannur has the Departments of Geography, Physics, Chemistry and Environmental Science functioning in it.The Department of Music functions in the building which is dedicated to the memory of Swami Anandatheertha.
School of Pure and Applied Physics
Department of Physics
M Sc Physics (Advanced Material) (Four Semesters, 20 Seats)
Research Areas:
Material Science, Solid State Physics, Computational Physics, and Thin Film Technology
School of Chemical Sciences
Department of Chemistry
M Sc Chemistry (Material Science) (Four Semesters, 17 Seats)
Research Areas:
Chemistry and Material Science
Department of Geography
M Sc Geography (Four Semesters, 17 Seats)
Department of Environmental Science
M Sc Environmental Studies (Four Semesters, 20 Seats)
School of Visual and Fine Arts
Department of Music
M A Music (Four Semesters, 10 Seats)

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