Mangattuparamba Campus

The Mangattuparamaba Campus consists of the School of Physical Education & Sports Science, School of Information Science & Technology, Departments of Mathematics, Statistics, Wood Science & Technology,and  Mass Communication & Journalism.
The School of Distance Education (SDE) was established by Kannur University in 2002 with the objective of providing opportunities to the learners from Kasaragod, and Kannur districts and the Mananthavady Taluk of Wayanad district for pursuing higher studies, who would otherwise be deprived of it. SDE started functioning with B.Com Degree Course in the year 2002-03. Currently, SDE offers 14 different courses of which 8 are under-graduate courses, 4 are post-graduate courses and the remaining 2 are certificate courses. The total number of students enrolled in SDE during 2002-03, the year in which it was established, was only 32 and since then it has increased to 28048 in 2008-09 and the current student strength is 28243. Students are advised to take maximum advantage of the Personal Contact Programmes and self-instructional materials which are made available to them by SDE with the help of course co-ordinators, and experienced and committed teachers.
Undergraduate Programmes (three Years)
B A Malayalam
B A Anthropology
B A English
B A Sociology
B A History
B A Political Science
B A Economics
B A (Afsal-Ul-Ulama)
B Sc Mathematics
B Com
Postgraduate Programmes (Two Years)
M A English
M A Economics
M A Political Science
M A History
M Sc Mathematics
M Com
Certificate Courses
B Com Additional Option- Cooperation (1 year)
Afsal- Ul-Ulama _ Preliminary (Two Years)
School of Physical Education and Sports Science
Department of Physical Education
B P Ed (Two Semesters, 35 Seats)
M P Ed (Four Semesters, 35 Seats)
M Phil (Two Semesters, 10 Seats)
Diploma in Yoga and Fitness Training (1 Year, 30 Seats)
Research Area: 
Exercise & Sports Physiology, Applied Performance Psychology, Analysis of techniques of sports skills, Effects of different training methods, Physical Education.
School of Information Science and Technology
Department of Information Technology
MCA (Six Semesters, 35 Seats)
M Sc Computer Science (Four Semesters, 35 Seats)
Research areas:
Image Processing/Speech Processing/Natural Language Processing/Data Mining.
Department of Mathematical Sciences
M Sc Mathematics (Four Semesters, 20 Seats)
Department of Statistical Sciences
M Sc Statistics (Four Semesters and 25 Seats) 
School of Pedagogical Sciences
M Ed ( 1year, 25 Seats)
School of Historical and Cultural Studies
Department of History and Heritage Studies 
M A History and Heritage Studies (Four Semesters, 25 Seats) 
School of Behavioural Sciences
Department of Behavioural Science
MSc Behavioural Science (Four Semesters, 20 Seats)
Department of Wood Science and Technology
MSc Wood Science and Technology (Four Semesters, 20 Seats)
Department of Mass Communication and Journalism
Master of Communication and Journalism (Four Semesters, 25 Seats)
Centre for Management Studies
MBA (Four Semesters, 40 Seats)
Finanace /Marketing/HRM/Tourism & Hospitality/Health Care/Retail Management.

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