India Semester Programme

India Semester Programme is an interdisciplinary initiative of the Kannur University ,emphasizing heritage , continuity ,and changes in contemporary India. The unique aspect of the programme will be the focus on the primary attention given to students’ interest. The India Semester Programme will arrange one-on-one counselling on e-mail, contact prior to arrival , meeting after arrival by the faculty and program assistants. This will lead to a good match between students’ preferences and the courses they take.
1. Regular University courses in different schools involving lectures, seminars, assignments, and examinations.
2. India Semester Programme /courses, especially designed for foreign students.
3. Non-credit courses such as Yoga, Theyyam, Kalari, etc.

1. Comprehensive in content and delivery
2. Faculty with research and teaching experience in various countries
3. Modular Structure of a rigorous and flexible semester –based programme
4. Economical and variable tuition fee, related to the credits earned by the students
5. Credits transferred to the students' institutions or transcripts given directly to students
6. Good Library with round the clock Wi-Fi web access
7. Pollution free, nature rich campus
8. Secure, hygienic and modern accommodation for international students

Who Can Join
Overseas students who have proficiency in the English Language and those who meet the special prerequisites of the courses desired. We especially welcome :
1. Universities and their International Studies Divisions or Study Abroad programmes.
2. Heads of Academic Programs /Disciplines/Departments of Universities.
3. Institutions with a South Asia/India Studies Program.
4. Higher education institutes or Councils of International Education.

Term Dates

Kannur University Semester US Equivalent
 Odd(1,3) : August To December   Fall Term : Sept 1st week to Dec 2nd week
 Even(2,4) : January to May  Spring Term : Jan 2nd week to May 2nd week 


Marks Equivalent Grades
90 % and above E
75% to 90% A
60% to 75% B
50% to 60% C
Less than 50% F


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Courses Offered:

Exclusive Programmes for International Students

Advanced Certificate/Certificate Course in Yoga This course is designed to provide a systematic and scientific t...