How to Apply

Download the application form from the website and complete it.
Along with the completed application forms you need to submit: 
  • copies of qualifying certificates attested by Deans/Heads of Departments/competent authority of the University /Board.
  • Copies of mark lists,similarly attested as above.
  • 4 copies of recent passport size photos.
  • Copies of research project synopsis, consent letter, and transcript of syllabus by the guide ( in case of PhD applicants ).
  • Certificate of medical fitness from a recognized medical practitioner.
  • An application/scrutiny fee of $ 50 has to be remitted.
  • ICCR sponsored students are required to remit only $ 10 only as application fee.

If you desire to join the PhD programme, you should forward the Research Proposal /Synopsis and transcript of the syllabus, along with the recommendation letter from your department head. You should obtain the consent of the guide with whom you wish to join for the PhD.

  • Your application need to be recommended and endorsed by the Indian Diplomatic Mission.
  • Certificates in languages other than English need to be translated into English and be attested by the Indian Diplomatic Mission.

Credit Transfer
In case you desire credit transfer from your institution to Kannur University, you need to provide the following certified information:

  1. Whether the programme is already recognized by this University 
  2. Aims and objectives of the programme and the specific course
  3. Eligibility conditions for admission to the programme.
  4. Prerequisites for the course for which credit transfer is requested 
  5. Course content
  6. Methods of assessment 
  7. Credit hours
  8. Nature of course delivery 
  9. Grades earned by the applicant in the particular course.
  10. Nature of the grading system of the concerned university and grade distribution statistics, if available.
  11. Concurrency of knowledge ( no programme in Science & Technology that has been undertaken more than 4 years ago shall be considered and the limit shall be 18 years for all other subjects).

Admissions:

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