Admission Schedule

Completed applications for post graduate courses need to be received at the University by the beginning of May, and the admission process for the same, would be completed by the month of September.For the post masters programmes, the completed applications need to be received at the University by August end and the process of admissions will be completed by November -December.

Schedules for the India Semester Programmes and other Exclusive Programmes for International Students are included in the concerned sections.

Please note that the time table given below is for guidance only. Notifications may take longer in some cases or the admission process may finish earlier.

  Level of course Last Date of Receipt of Application Foreign Students Admission Committee Date Of Admission
1 Post Graduate 1st May July September
2 M.Phil 30th August September November
3 PhD 30th August October December

Admissions:

Who can apply

You should have successfully completed :  Relevant undergraduate programme with 50% marks or equivalent, for adm...

How to Apply

Download the application form from the website and complete it. Along with the completed application forms you need to ...

Whom to contact

Thank You for your interest in the Kannur University! For all queries contact : Director,The Directorate of Internatio...

After you apply

Foreign Students Admission Committee(FSAC) with the Vice Chancellor at its helm scrutinizes the applications and decid...